Phone Sex Experience Crucial for Ex-Uber Driver in Her Legal Battle

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Here is a really uniquely intriguing scenario. Barbara Ann Berwick, transsexual and former phone sex owner used her experience in that industry to make her case in front of a judge.

The former transsexual Uber Driver took on the might of Uber, one of Silicon Valley’s biggest private company by herself by challenging Uber that she was a Uber employee rather than an independent contractor.

Miss Berwick who represented herself before the California Labor Commission took on Uber’s attorneys who argued that Uber’s drivers were independent contractors and not employees adding that the company’s structure is “nothing more than a neutral technology platform.”

They obviously didn’t count on Miss Berwick’s experience who’s phone fantasy lines employed independent contractors. “I had to make sure I did everything right” she revealed during an interview with Reuters, after winning a potential landmark employment ruling who found her as an Uber employee, entitled as such to be reimbursed for expenses.

The ruling was based on the assumption that workers are deemed employees if a company exerts a certain degree of control over how they do their job. It was their ruling that Uber was “involved in every aspect of the operation”.

This ruling is so far reaching that it could affect not only Uber’s valuation but that of all manner of other companies that rely on large network of individuals to provide rides, clean houses and provide various other services.